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A Guide to Choosing Your e-Cigarette Drip Tip or Mouthpiece

 Drip tips are the mouthpiece which is located at the top of your e-cigarette tank or atomiser. They can be used for purely aesthetic reasons or to enhance flavour and vapour production. There are various types available:

  • Screw in CE mouthpiecses specifically for CE4/CE5/CE6 clearomisers.
  • Pusn in 510 drip tips.
  • Push on RDA Atty top caps available in two sizes, 22mm and 28.5mm.
  • Tank specific drip tips, these are tips that only fit onto a specific device such as Aspire Atlantis, Aspire Nautilus X & Pocket X, and Smok TFV8 & TFV12.
The most common type is the 510 drip tip which is used on the majority of modern tanks and atomisers. One confusing factor is the term 510, this is also used to describe the screwed battery connection used by most tanks and e-cigarettes. Some devices have a 510 battery connection but are not compatble with 510 drip tips. If in doubt it is always best to check with your tank supplier.
A second confusing factor is the term CE. Tanks often have a stylised CE printed on them, this is the CE mark indicating that the device conforms to European Union standards and does not indicate that it is a CE type of device.



Plastic is a generic term covering a wide range of materials. In vaping it usually indicates a cheaper material that is not as robust or resistant to heat as engineering plastics such as acetal. However plastic is a good insulator and this helps to keep the mouthpiece cooler. Plus it can easily be produced in wide variety of colours including versicolour and marble effect patterns. And so it is great for pimping your device and general purpose use but may not be suiatble for high power vaping. With all plastics care should be taken not to drop it onto a hard surface with weight attached to it as it is liable to break. However this might well save your much more expensive tank from damage.


Acrylic is tougher than glass and has greater heat resistance properties than standard plastic. It can easily be produced in wide variety of colours including versicolour and marble effect patterns.

Resin (Delrin®)

Resin is a generic term often used in vaping so as to avoid using trademarked terms such as Delrin®. It is an acetal polymer thermoplastic and has high heat tolerance and good chemical inertness.


Polyoxymethylene (POM) is also known as acetal, polyacetal and polyformaldehyde. It is a thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability. It is a synthetic polymer produced by various companies with slightly different formulas and marketed under trade names as Delrin, Celcon, Ramtal, Duracon, Kepital and Hostaform. Most often Delrin.or Celcon are used for vaping. It's a hard plastic that is widely used for vape parts because of its high heat tolerance and it's good chemical inertness.

PEI Plastic

A high temperature plastic with a significantly higher melting point compared to Delrin. Recommended for sub-ohm and high power vapers.


Teflon has high heat tolerance and is a bit softer than POM. It has a slippery feel to it just like on Teflon coated frying pans. The great thing about these is that dead skin from our lips doesn't stick to them needing to be cleaned off few days.

Epoxy Resin

No two drip tips will look have exactly the same colouring due to the unique manufacturing process.


The colour pattern of these drip tips will vary from the image because they are created randomly. They will always havethe same base colour but no two tips will be indentical.


Carbon Fibre

High quality and very durable.


Glass is a good insulator which helps to keep the mouthpiece cool when vaping. 


Light in weight.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is often considered as the ultimate material because it is almost indestructible and does not corrode or wear. Downsides are it retains heat much more than plastic does so if you're vaping at high power these tend to get hot. It also attracts vapour gunk very quickly.


Titanium is extremely corrosion resistant and it has a high strength to density ratio, as strong as some steels but less dense makiing it much lighter. It has fairly low thermal conductivity making it ideal for vaping applications.


Wooden drip tips insulate against heat keeping the tip cooler even when chain vaping.

Bore Size

Narrow Bore

A narrow or small bore creates a more concentrated and therefore stronger flavour for your ecig and gives a nice tight vape, best for flavour chasers.

Medium Bore

Big Bore

Wide Bore

Increases air flow producing more vapour for your vape producing loads of vapour.

Extra Wide Bore

Further increases ecig air flow to give your vape oodles of vapour, best for cloud chasers.






Longer tips provide a cooler vape because there is further for the vapour to travel.

Mouthpiece Shape



Slash Cut



510 Connection

Single Seal

Used for the vast majority of 510 drip tips. These are usually 9 mm in diameter by 1.5 mm thick with a round profile. Some large tips such as the pipe style products use wider seals with a flat profile to give a a more stable fit.

Twin Seal

A double o-ring provides a tighter seal and give a more stable fit to your tank. Thsee seals are thinner than the single seals, we recommend wetting the connector and the seals prior toe fitting so as to prevent damage.

Friction Fit

Friction fit 510 drip tips make for a tighter fit on your ecig but give a much wider dripping hole for increased vapour flow. This o-ring free design will be haredr to fit and wetting the connector will assist the assembly process.




Variable air flow for those that like some control of their vape.






To cool your vape for high power settings.



These have a knuckle joint so you can swivel your drip tip at an angle.

An alternative to using cartridges is the direct dripping method using drip tips. By removing the absorbent material, one is able to simply remove the plastic mouthpiece and drip several drops of e-liquid directly onto the atomizer coil. Drip Tips attach to an atomizer replacing the cartridge. The center is hollow allowing you to drip liquid directly into the atomizer without taking off the drip tip.

Please note: Dripping is not recommended for automatic switch batteries! Our drip tips are intended for use with a variety of different models. They can be loose on some atomizers and tight on others.

Disclaimer: Electronic cigarettes are a smoke free alternative to traditional tobacco products. They have not been medically evaluated as pharmaceutical products and cannot be sold to persons under the age of 18 years. They are not a smoking cessation product or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). Most e-liquids contain nicotine which is an addictive substance. Do not use if you are pregnant or allergic to any of the ingredients, if in doubt please consult your doctor. We are not a pharmaceutical company and we do not produce medical products.